About the New Friends New Life Youth Resource Center


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New Friends New Life Youth Resource Center
Image: newfriendsnewlife.org

An experienced physician specializing in occupational health, Dr. Melissa Tonn leads Dallas’ OccMD Group P.A. as president and chief medical officer. Outside of this role, Dr. Melissa Tonn serves on the Advisory Board of New Friends New Life, an organization that works to empower survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation, as well as their children.

In early 2018, New Friends New Life opened the doors of its new Youth Resource Center, which offers comprehensive support to women ages 12 to 24 who have been adversely affected by the sex trafficking industry. The center guides women through a holistic case management plan that includes counseling, help finishing their GED, life skills education, and group activities.

The Youth Resource Center is made possible through a partnership with the Texas Governor’s Office and funding from the nonprofit Dwell with Dignity. To learn more about New Friends New Life and its mission, visit www.newfriendsnewlife.org.